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Terra Vineyard

To create something distinctive, you need to have the courage of conviction to take another path. Terra vineyard is testament to this. First planted by Oregon Pinot Noir pioneer Gary Andrus, he believed the route to unlocking the potential of the block and creating exceptional Pinot Noir was to challenge Central Otago viticulture convention.

Defying convention

Located on a banks of the Kawarau River, planted in dense, single clonal blocks of Pinot Noir, trained less than 14 inches from the ground, it was maligned for many years as tricky to work with. Terra Sancta however saw its potential star qualities and with understanding and the right handling it is now producing Pinot Noir as distinctive as the site itself.

The soils and planting result in wines characterized by purity, persistence, and concentration of flavors supported by a texture in both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay that is supple and ethereal.