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Our Philosophy

At Terra Sancta, we question everything — convention, past methodologies and how we can be better. We are immensely curious about our land, its history, and its potential. We aim to create beautiful products and memorable experiences. Our label is emblematic of this ethos.

It started with a map in a dark library and an epiphany. Which led to an Alchemist-like journey to Bannockburn to discover the mysteries of wine and this special place.

A wise man once said, “find the best vineyard sites you can because you can’t out perform your vineyards”. Guided by this wisdom, a process of following the signs, finally led to this far corner of the world, Bannockburn, Central Otago and the Sancta vineyard, home to the first vines planted in Bannockburn.

Once on the migratory path of Maori in search of Pounamu - Bannockburn was settled in 1862 during the gold rush. Felton Road is now a meandering country road of vines, mostly the Pinot Noir for which the region is famed, and orchards. It is also home to the “Mysterious Diggings” created by the gold sluicings from the 19th century gold rush and punctuated with wineries, cellar doors, the bike trail. The best street in New Zealand is also our home base - home to our Terra Sancta Estate vines, cellar door, winery and office, hens, sheep, goats, Hill of Health, Mound of Microbes - it is a vibrant and fascinating corner of the world.


The longer and deeper our roots are planted in Bannockburn, the more we understand that it is indeed Terra Sancta - sacred earth - special place.

From the north facing aspect, to the gentle slope down to the glacial Kawarau River, from the mountain ranges that envelop and protect us, to the diversity of soils, the long, hot days, and the cool starry nights - this is a place of extremes - and of challenge - but borne of this are products that speak of place and vibrate with its energy, purity and intensity.

With Kanuka and other natives growing wild alongside sheep, hens and goats, our vines growing on top of limestone, clay, quartz and schist gravels are surrounded by beneficial life. Terra Sancta is a wonderland of detail and vibrancy.

As our knowledge of our special place has expanded, this goal has expanded to capture the unique seasons of our place. With a 12 month foraging calendar for the Botanical Aperitivo, an annual grape harvest and wine making calendar, and the daily rituals of our animal team members Terra Sancta is always alive - even when our vines are taking a rest.

Our philosophy across all our products, whether farmed, foraged or grown, is the same - the label is the source code that tells the story of the place historically, geographically, and mystically. We produce only products that can be traced to a particular special place with its own clear character. If you explore our vineyards, or our labels, you will see the story and fastidious attention to detail that applies from our famous Rosés to historically important Pinot Noirs, to our innovative Aperitivo Botanical.

Ever evolving

Innovation and Firsts

Terra Sancta is a place of innovation and firsts - the first vines planted in Bannockburn and the Cromwell Basin, the first wine based Botanical Aperitivo in New Zealand, the first planting of Lagrien, the first super premium Rosé, and New Zealand’s first producer to achieve Super Classic status for Rosé.