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Terra Sancta is a Pinot Noir specialist with 80% of our vineyards planted in this Queen of varietals. Thin skinned & challenging, Pinot Noir demands a lot, but the rewards are rich.
An exclusive selection of some of our top rate wines from our library.
Terra Sancta's white wines are created from our tiny parcels of very special Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Riesling, and Gewürztraminer all planted on our Terra Sancta Estate.
We love Rosé. In 2012 we set out on a mission to create New Zealand's best Rosé and our dedication to crafting the the most delectable Rosé in New Zealand has never ceased. Experience the joys of our three tiers of Rosé: our most famous Rosé, the Terra Sancta Estate Pinot Noir Rosé, our Mysterious Diggings Rosé, and for something really special, Terra Sancta First Vines, Special Release Rosé.
Once in a blue moon and when everything aligns, we produce these exceptional, Special Release wines that are truly special.
Distinctive and delicious - our Aperitivo Botanical is the product of years of exploration and experimentation as we discovered the abundant world of botanicals around us.
A very special, luxurious Extra Virgin Olive Oil - made like a Terra Sancta wine - blended to perfection, from a single vintage, and expressive of place. Drizzle liberally.
Made in the good old fashioned way in Bannockburn, like the miners that once frequented the gold sluicing of Bannockburn.
Terra Sancta takes the art of presentation and packaging very seriously. Take your gift of wine to the next level.