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The Magic of Harvest 2021 at the Terra Sancta Estate

Holy Terra

Harvest Lunch Experience 2021

At our favourite time of year, the magical time that is harvest, we extend a special invitation for our Holy Terra Wine Club members to join us at Terra Sancta Estate in Bannockburn, Central Otago. Our wine club members spend a fabulous day amongst the vines, enjoying the freedom of Bannockburn whilst picking the bounties of harvest. They then get to relax and enjoy a leisurely harvest lunch, including a selection of delicious Terra Sancta wines, with the Holy Terra vintage team.

But First: What To Expect From This Year's Harvest

Harvest 2021 started in the final week of March with some lovely early Autumn weather accelerating ripening and resulting in the Mysterious Diggings vineyard harvest being completed before the start of April.

This is always a good milestone to tick off.

Cooler April temperatures have slowed some ripening down, however what this does result in is more time on the vine, and consequently wonderful flavour development.

What does this mean in terms of Central Otago wine? Beautiful Terra Sancta Pinot Noir!

Another characteristic of vintage 2021 thus far is the overall quality of the fruit - the grapes are coming into the winery looking immaculate thanks to the tireless efforts of the viticulture team during those critical months of the growing season.

Yields are also low - both at Terra Sancta and across Central Otago generally.

All of these factors - a late vintage and related time on the vine, quality and yield mean 2021 is shaping up to be an absolute beauty!

And our Holy Terras got to experience it first hand by helping us pick Pinot Noir grapes for our award-winning Terra Sancta Estate Rosé.

The Harvest Lunch Experience

Sarah prepares the harvest table for the return of our Holy Terra wine club members for their long lunch after a morning amongst the vines and in the winery - having a full harvest experience (without the cleaning and forklifting).⁠

When the grapes reach their perfect balance, Terra Sancta begins the harvest of its four Bannockburn vineyards. ⁠

And over the course of 2 weekends, we took some of our Holy Terra members on this journey with us. ⁠

Upon arrival, during the magical morning "golden hour" the Holy Terras donned their secateurs and worked their own sort of magic, harvesting the bountiful goodness of the 2021 vintage.


Austin Black

With buckets overflowing it was then time to join Terra S⁠ancta's winemaker/alchemist Austin in the winery to watch him begin the process of revealing the grapes' potential - as they begin their journey towards greatness aka Terra Sancta wine!⁠ This included tasting the wine in its various stages straight out of the barrels.

All this work (and watching the winery team work), works up quite a thirst, so the Holy Terras were happy to return to the cellar door to be met with Terra Sancta's Aperitivo Botanical spritz to get the real party started and open the main event - the harvest lunch amongst the vines. ⁠ ⁠

Troublemakers at the Cellar Door

But there was one more distraction left before lunch: one of "The Ladies."

Originally joining the Terra Sancta team to assist with soil health, some of our hens have also developed quite the taste for wine and living the high life at our Cellar Door!

One of The Ladies in particular visits every day and loves to get amongst the wine, always looking for the next best place to relax at the Cellar Door (and lay another golden egg).

The Harvest Experience event was no exception.⁠⁠

Luckily for us, one of our Holy Terra members is a gifted bird whisperer and was able to catch and relocate this troublemaker before she created a mess of broken bottles and spilled wine - split liquid worth crying over.

From The Terra Sancta Team

Thank You!

It was an absolute cracker of a day with an exceptional group of Holy Terras. Thank you to all involved - including the "Holy Terra" hen who put on quite the acrobatic display!⁠