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Rosé - The Terra Sancta Way - A User’s Guide

Rosé - The Terra Sancta Way

A User’s Guide

We firmly believe that Rosé should be and can be enjoyed year round. So we’ve put together this “User’s Guide” with 11 key points as to how and why you should keep coming back for more.

September is one of our favourite months. The days are getting longer and sometimes warmer. The buds are bursting. There’s something in the air and it’s not just pollen. We feel a new lease on life. But the best thing about September… it’s time to release the Rosé!

As we release the 11th vintage of Terra Sancta Estate Pinot Noir Rosé - our love for it endures and we want to share this love with you so we’ve put together this “User’s Guide” with our key points as to how you should drink Terra Sancta Rosé - and lots of it!

We make serious Rosé that is seriously delicious. And we seriously suggest that you celebrate our 11th vintage, by giving one, two or all of the following a go:

1. Chilled in the snow

If you want to feel chilled in the snow, then take a bottle with you on your next ski trip and chill it in the snow so it’s ready to go at the end of the final run of the day. Also pairs well with an apres ski hot tub session.

2. Paired with a sensational sunset

Central Otago is known for its stunning sunsets. Wherever you are in the world, you can find a sunset or a sky to suit your mood and complement your Terra Sancta Rosé. Pair your sunset with a bottle of Terra Sancta Rosé, to create a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. The sky’s the limit…

3. Super Sized

What’s better than a bottle of Terra Sancta Rosé? A very big bottle of Terra Sancta Rosé! The ideal gift for a friend or a loved one or even better, a gift from you, to you.

4. With your favourite people over a long lunch

Lunch with friends is always a good idea. Wine at lunch with friends is an even better idea. Terra Sancta Rosé at lunch with friends is the best idea. There’s nothing like a long leisurely lunch with friends when your convivial and vibrant friend, Terra Sancta Rosé, also has a seat at the table.

5. Or alone

Have you ever tried drinking alone? It is one of life’s most underrated pleasures. Don’t let the doomsday podcasters put you off! Try this formula: find 30 minutes of time to yourself, find a bottle of Terra Sancta Rosé and a glass, pour the Rosé into the glass, sit down, breathe deeply, exhale and drink… bliss.

6. At the Terra Sancta Cellar Door

There’s no better place to enjoy Terra Sancta Rosé than the birthplace of Terra Sancta wine - 306 Felton Road, Bannockburn. At our charming schist cellar door on Felton Road, Jodie, our Cellar Door Manager will welcome you into the magical world of Terra Sancta. Taste many delicious Terra Sancta wines, including Terra Sancta Estate Pinot Noir Rosé.

7. A Rosé mindfulness meditation

This meditation is intended to create a sense of deep relaxation - if you find yourself asleep with an empty bottle beside you, don’t blame us - you’re a bad meditator! The important thing is that you focus solely on the Rosé in the glass - and when you find your mind wander, always come back to the Rosé.
1. First, pour the wine in the glass - watch it flow in, listen to the liquid flow, admire its colour.
2. Draw the wine to your nose - take time to smell the Rosé - what do you detect?
3. Remember to breath - ahhhhh
4. Taste the Rosé - it should taste Om-mazing
5. What are the flavours - how do you feel?
6. Return to step one and repeat.
7. Namaste

8. Axe throwing

The modern sport of axe throwing involves throwing an axe at a target and attempting to hit a bullseye (Wikipedia definition). It’s all the rage. Balance the yang of the axe throwing, with the ying of a Terra Sancta Rosé, and achieve perfect balance, just like that achieved on the palate of the aforementioned Rosé.

9. As the summer sun goes down with an antipasto platter

The ideal “sun-downer”. Nothing says summer like sitting outside enjoying the evening sun with a glass of Rosé in hand and an antipasto platter. Terra Sancta Rosé is a very versatile food wine due to its texture, energy and complexity. Given the number of different tastes and textures that can appear on an antipasto platter, it is therefore a perfect match - something for everyone! Delicious with soft cheeses, charcuterie, pâté and olives. Anything goes when you are drinking Terra Sancta Rosé.

10. At your favourite restaurant or bar

We’re lucky to work with many amazing restaurants and bars up and down the country. So the next time you want to accompany your bottle of Terra Sancta Rosé with delicious food check out one of our favourite restaurants that also happens to have excellent taste in Rosé:

11. A romantic candlelight dinner for two or just for you

Terra Sancta Rosé, candles, cuisine and you - already the perfect scenario for romance. And sure, if you want to add another person to the equation then be our guest. Regardless of the human company you are keeping, if you have Terra Sancta Rosé in your midst then you can experience romance every night of the week.

12. Celebrating and commemorating

A no-brainer - all the milestones of life can be enhanced by Terra Sancta Rosé. We make this wine to be a part of your life… life enhancing and simply enchanting. We love it on Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Day (and eve), Mother’s Day, Father’s Day - enjoy it on all the “days”.

13. It’s never “one of those days” - with Terra Sancta Rosé

And then on an ordinary day or when you are having “one of those days”- elevate every day with a glass of Terra Sancta Rosé.

14. With your team

Team work makes the dream work. At Terra Sancta your Rosé is made by a team who all aspire to the same thing - to keep our customers happy and coming back for more through a dedication to quality and consistency. From the microbes in our soil, to our super cute Baby Doll sheep, to our equally cute farm team of humans to the winemakers, Andrew and Ricardo, to Sarah and Mark our founders who have overseen the Rosé since 2012, to the careful crew who make sure every last drop is bottled on site, to Jodie and her team in the cellar door - we are all dedicated year after year to presenting you with the very best Rosé in New Zealand - it truly is a team effort.

From our team to whoever you consider part of yours - enjoy!