Single Block Wines

All single block wines are produced solely from specific, and very special parcels of land. The ultra-premium single block Pinot Noir wines listed below show the significant variation in aroma and flavour that reflect the changes in the soil and physical environment.

Slapjack Block

Terra Sancta Slapjack BlockNamed after Slapjack Creek, a water source that begins in the ranges above the vineyard and is now a dry creek right near Slapjack Block, the soils on Slapjack are dense with glacial schist with some clay to quite significant depths. Slapjack Block contains the very first planted vines in Bannockburn, with the soils, vine age and a mix of clones on the Block making this Pinot Noir truly unique. With vivacious wild berry flavors, bewitching spice aromas, and a finessed, silky finish, the old vines married with Slapjack soil creates a heady, opulent, powerful wine. 

For a detailed tasting note, click on the below link: 

Slapjack Block Pinot Noir 2010 Tasting Note

Shingle Beach

Terra Sancta Shingle BeachShingle Beach is an unique block planted directly above the silence and history of the beautiful Kawarau. From this 2.6 hectare block, only about a tenth of the fruit, selected painstakingly, will go to create a rare single block wine. The early signs from this yet-to-be released wine are truly exciting - dark & exotic, with lower alcohol than generally characteristic of Bannockburn Pinot Noirs. First ever release, August 2013. 

Jackson’s Block

Terra Sancta Jackson's BlockNamed after the august ratbag on the label, Jackson Barry, ranged the area telling yarns and seeking fame and fortune. The hallmarks of Jackson’s Block are perfume, elegance, and balance. The perfume is that of violets and the wild thyme of the estate. The flavors are tasty red berries, and the length and balance are made complete by elegant, silky tannins. For a detailed tasting note of the latest release, click on the below link: 

Jackson's Block Pinot Noir, 2011 - Tasting Note