Mysterious Diggings Wines

The way we think about wine at Terra Sancta is there are really only two sorts of wine worth drinking. First,  special wines, that cause you to take a moment, feel something diferent about life, and encourage imagination and a sense of place and connectedness. Second, those wines that are simply delicious, and when you drink it you pause, go "wow, that is great" and then get on with the conversation, the bolognese, the antipasto, or the picnic, with the wine fitting perfectly into the whole feeling, but not dominating it. It is this second type of wine - the truly delicious (an underappreciated quality in wine!) that each of our Mysterious Diggings wines deliver. 

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Mysterious Diggings Pinot Noir

Terra Sancta Mysterious Diggings Pinot NoirAn early map by a resident of Bannockburn gave a small parcel of land the name ‘Mysterious Diggings’. A vineyard of extreme beauty, high in the hills, The Diggings vineyard has sun-drenched, rocky terraces with soils heavy in native schist. The fragrance and dark cherry flavors of the Diggings Pinot Noir are created by these unique vineyard soils Simply delicious.

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Mysterious Diggings Pinot Gris

Terra Sancta Mysterious Diggings Pinot GisA perfect dry wine, the Mysterious Diggings Pinot Gris a delicious partner to the very best of times. Superb quality with an enticing floral bouquet, outstanding fruit weight in the mouth, and a clean, dry, rewarding  finish, this is a wine for both food and fun. 

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Mysterious Diggings Mysterious White

A unique combination of 4 beautifully aromatic varietals.  A dry wine, Mysterious Diggings Mysterious White is an excellent companion to food with delicious spice.

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Mysterious Diggings Dessert Riesling

Terra Sancta Mysterious Diggings Dessert RieslingOnly made very occasionally, the essence of this wine is luscious quinces and ripe apricots kept lively by wicked acidity. A wine of complexity, and a rich, concentrated finish. Indulge.

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Mysterious Diggings Late Harvest Gewurtztraminer

Mysterious Diggings Late Harvest GewurtztraminerGrown on only 9 rows of 24 year old vines on Sancta vineyard, and produced only in blue moon conditions, this is a very rare wine. A wine of great perfume and intensity, lush and sensuous, the flavors are spicy and rich and explode in the mouth. A wonderful clean finish. Perfect with soft blue cheese, deserts, a fire...  An elixir.

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