Estate Wines

Each Terra Sancta Estate wine is a true premium wine, and comes from the estate on Felton Road. Comprising around 26 hectares, around 10 hectares is simply trees, open spaces, and ponds. Unlike most vineyards which struggle to support healthy soil, our problem is the opposite - a prevalence of birds and the bees, which, like us, love the sweetness of a ripe grape.

The soils of the estate are shown best by Miro's Block, where 7 rows of Riesling were planted in 1991. Cut into the slopes, the cross section of the soils reveals at least 10 foot of soils with little peat or loam, masses of schist gravels, and some clay.

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Terra Sancta Estate Pinot Noir

Terra Sancta Estate Pinot NoirThe Terra Sancta estate gives a true picture of the estate vineyard. A wine of many layers, it has hints of the opulence of Slapjack Block, the perfume of Jackson’s Block, and the exotic and sensual flavors of Shingle Beach. Handpicked, the wine’s fragrance is that of the estate itself - lavender and thyme. The flavors come direct from the soils - the luxury of dark cherries, fresh raspberries, and first picked plums. The texture is silk; the finish complex. For a detailed tasting note of the current release, click on the below link:  

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Terra Sancta Estate Pinot Noir Rose

Terra Sancta Estate Pinot Noir Rose  Nothing looks better on a summer table than this wine. Gorgeous. A complete experience. With Champagne-like elegance, the perfume is freshly wild cut roses, the texture luxurious and the flavours remind you of picking strawberries from out under their straw beds. Unlike many Roses this is not a light red wine disguised in pink .. this is 100% Pinot Noir Rose made with care and serious intent. From two specifically chosen parcels of Sarah's Block and Riverblock, this wine is made with premium fruit we determine best for our Rosé.

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Terra Sancta Estate Riverblock Chardonnay

Terra Sancta Estate ChardonnayChardonnay, of all wines, reflects both land and people. Just as the best chardonnays from Burgundy reflect their stony soils and history, the barrel aged Terra Sancta Estate Chardonnay reflects both its stony soils and Bannockburn’s wild side. Native yeasts create complex earthy flavours that are lifted by vibrant fruit. Intriguing and beguiling, the layers of this wine reveal themselves slowly. Complex. Wondrous.  

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Terra Sancta Estate Lola's Block Pinot Gris

Terra Sancta Pinot Gris  Our Estate Lola's Block Pinot Gris exudes the same stone fruit characters of peach and pear that are the essence of the very greatest Pinot Gris’ in the world. Its sensual texture is distinctive, making it a wine for both love and reflection. Not usually known for being a great food wine, the Terra Sancta Pinot Gris is a true exception. 

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Terra Sancta Estate Slapjack Block Riesling

Terra Sancta Estate Slapjack Block RieslingThe Slapjack Block Riesling is delicate, balanced and precise. Handpicked from old vines on the Slapjack block, the aroma and flavors are an entrancing mix of honeysuckle and juicy nectarines. Characterised by masses of minerality and racy acidity, the Slapjack Riesling caresses the palate, and sings a pure tune well after it is gone.  

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Terra Sancta Estate Miro's Block Riesling

Terra Sancta Miro's Block RieslingFew wines blend so brilliantly both the austerity and the expression of Riesling as Miro’s block. From only 7 rows of old vines on Miro’s block, this is a rare wine. Dry to the point of crispness, the terrace soils create a wine with a neroli fragrance, tingling minerality, and great balance. Inspirational and precise. 

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