Our wines are all handcrafted, with experienced harvest workers picking the best bunches, leaving the rest - sadly - on the vine or on the ground.

Terra Sancta produces three distinct tiers of wine. The rare Single Block Pinot Noirs crafted to express what we consider to be very disttinctive and special blocks of the Estate; the Terra Sancta Estate range - crafted entirely from vines from our Felton Road Estate; and the Mysterious Diggings wines, made for accessible delicious drinking, with the Pinot Noir being a single vineyard wine from our Diggings Vineyard on the Cairnmuir Road side of Bannockburn. All wines are produced from Bannockburn fruit.

Our philosophy at Terra Sancta is that there are only two sorts of wines worth drinking. First, special wines, that cause you to take a moment, feel something diferent about life, and encourage imagination and a sense of place and connectedness. Our Single Block, and our Terra Sancta Estate wines are such special wines. Second, those wines that are simply delicious, and when you drink it you pause, go "wow, that is delicious" and then get on with the conversation, the barbeque, and the evening. This sums up our Mysterious Diggings wines.

Single Block

All single block wines are produced solely from specific, and very special parcels of land. The ultra-premium single block Pinot Noir wines listed below are picked and treated in a very similar manner in the winery, with the significant variations in aroma, flavour and structure reflecting the differences in the soils from which each wine comes.  Single Block Wines

Estate Wines

Each Terra Sancta estate wine is a true premium wine, and is made entirely from grapes picked on the Terra Sancta Estate on Felton Road. Comprising a total of 28 hectares, around 11 hectares is simply trees, open spaces, and ponds. Unlike most vineyards which struggle to support healthy soil, our estate is very green and biodiverse, with our main issue a prevalence of birds, which, like us, love the sweetness of a ripe grape. The soils of the Estate are shown best by Miro's Block,  7 rows of Riesling planted in 1995. Cut into the slopes, the cross section of the soils reveals at least 10 feet of soils with about one foot of loam, followed by masses of schist gravels, and some clay.

While there are a bunch of wine words to describe the criteria used under which fruit can qualify to go into a Terra Sancta Estate wine, simply put, these wines are designed to be special, and to cause you to "take a moment' as you drink, contemplate, and enjoy. Estate Wines

Mysterious Diggings

An early map by a resident of Bannockburn gave a small parcel of land the name ‘Mysterious Diggings’. A vineyard of extreme beauty, high in the hills, The Diggings vineyard is on the Cairnmuir side of Bannockburn. It has sun-drenched, rocky terraces with that, with their altitude, capture the last sun of each Autumn's day. 

While there are also a bunch of wine words to describe the Mysterious Diggings wines, in our minds, they fill an important place in life - simply being delicious, and great to drink now. To qualify as a Mysterious Diggings wine, it has to have that underrated qualtiy - real deliciousness!   Mysterious Diggings Wines