Terra Vineyard

Terra vineyard sits neatly between two of Mt. Difficulty’s exceptional vineyards - Long Gully and Manson’s Farm. On the north the vineyard goes to the cliff edge above the Kawareau river. Together with the Sancta Vineyard, Terra Vineyard make up Terra Sancta Estate.


There are two blocks on the Vineyard - Shingle Beach, which sits right above a historic beach on which gold panning was so successful in the mid 1800’s, and Riverblock. The vineyard was originally planted by the pioneering Oregon vintner Gary Andrus, who planted the block, in his search for the New World holy grail of Pinot Noir.

Taking a maverick approach, Gary planted the 2.6 hectare Shingle Beach block in traditional burgundy style. Along with the tiny and high quality Georgetown vineyard, this is the only Burgundian style planting in Central Otago. We are still learning how the vine types, the river breeze, the sand and schist dense soils, and the planting patterns combine. One of the most exciting things about the decades to come is how the wines from this block will evolve. We can’t wait to do a 20 year vertical in 2033!