Holy Terras Wine Club

If you are from outside New Zealand and wish to be a Holy Terra please contact wine@terrasancta.co.nz 


The Holy Terras is aimed at supporting a few select friends of the estate to become an important part of the fabric of a special vineyard - Terra Sancta on Felton Road.

In an age of technology and noise this is a unique opportunity to slow down, and engage intimately with the land, vines, and winemakers. The benefits of membership are significant.

Wine Benefits (NZ Members)

There is also nothing better than getting a package through the post. Especially when that package is wine is at an exclusive price. As a member of the Holy Terras you will receive a half case of wine twice a year, at a 15% discount. You will also receive 15% off all additional wine purchased - including online - and 20% off wine for your birthday, anniversary or Christmas.

The wine you will receive as a Holy Terras member as part of your membership each year will include: 

  • Single Block Wines: One bottle of each of the Single Block Pinot Noirs (Slapjack Block, Shingle Beach, Jackson's Block); 
  • Terra Sancta Estate: One bottle of each of the Terra Sancta Estate Wine (Pinot Noir, Pinot Noir Rosé, Riverblock Chardonnay, Lola's Block Pinot Gris, Miro's Block Riesling); and 
  • Mysterious Diggings: One bottle of each of the Mysterious Diggings (Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and either the Desert Riesling or the Late Harvest Gewurtztraminer)                                                                                        

While the wine will generally be the current release, we will, on occasion, surprise you with library wine from great vintages, or throw in more Single Block wines if the wine gods so demand (and they will!).

Billing will occur twice a year to coincide with the delivery of wine.

Privileges and special care when you visit 

With advance notice, Holy Terras members can enjoy special visits, including personalised tours of the vineyard and tastings from the barrel with the winemaker.

Trade at Shingle Beach

Special tasting at a special place - Shingle Beach, Terra Sancta.

Bringing the Cellar Door to you

We realise that you can’t get to the Cellar Door each year, so we will “bring the Cellar Door to you”. Each year we will visit the main centers and hold a tasting of the new releases. Along with the fun of tastings, it is a great chance to meet cool people.

Exclusive invitations & events

Invitations will be extended to members to annual events on the vineyard. One will be a winemaker’s lunch during harvest, and the other a summer picnic.

Priority allocations

Priority will be given for increased allocations of the rare single block wines, and en-primeur orders at a discount will be offered exclusively to members.

Referral Magnum

If you refer a new member you will receive a magnum of our Pinot Noir.

Membership types

There are two types of membership: Individual and Individual Pinot Noir. See the details below to decide which is best for you:

Individual Mixed Memberships

Individual memberships (also open to couples, or close friends), receive one case per year. The case will include: one bottle of each rare Terra Sancta Single Block Pinot Noir; 6 bottles from the Terra Sancta Estate series; and one of each of the delicious Mysterious Diggings wines.

Individual Pinot Noir Membership

This membership receives 1.5 cases each year. The cases are delivered in 3 equal shipments, and will comprise our 5 Pinot Noirs, and our 100% Pinot Noir Rose.

Holy Terras Mailing List

If you would like to become part of the Holy Terras Mailing list without becoming a fully fledged member, please sign up here to receive regular updates and news from Terra Sancta.